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  1. Locomotion definition is - an act or the power of moving from place to place. How to use locomotion in a sentence.
  2. Locomotion definition, the act or power of moving from place to place. See more.
  3. Define locomotion. locomotion synonyms, locomotion pronunciation, locomotion translation, English dictionary definition of locomotion. n. 1. The act of moving from place to place. 2. The ability to move from place to place. n the act, fact, ability, or power of moving n. the act or power of.
  4. Locomotion, in ethology, any of a variety of movements among animals that results in progression from one place to another. To locomote, all animals require both propulsive and control mechanisms. The diverse propulsive mechanisms of animals involve a contractile structure—muscle in most cases—to.
  5. Fish - Fish - Locomotion: Many fishes have a streamlined body and swim freely in open water. Fish locomotion is closely correlated with habitat and ecological niche (the general position of the animal to its environment). Many fishes in both marine and fresh waters swim at the surface and have mouths adapted to feed best (and sometimes only) at the surface.
  6. Started in , Locomotion has become a favorite party and dance band in southern New England performing all styles of music at weddings, clubs, fundraisers, anniversary celebrations, retirement dinners, surprise parties, corporate functions, holiday parties, New Year's Eve celebrations, class reunions, summer concerts, and town fairs and festivals.
  7. Disfruta de los mejores programas transmitidos en nuestro querido Locomotion junto a algunos nuevos.
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